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Travel on Europe’s many low-cost airlines connecting hundreds of European cities. makes it easy to find cheap airlines and flights for your weekend breaks, holidays and business travels. Find budget priced flights on all the European discount airlines, from Easyjet to Wizz Air!

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Here is how: Below you’ll find countries and cities served by European low-cost airlines. Click on the place you want to visit and see all the flights to that destination.

When you find a flight that match your travel needs, click on the name of the airline and go to the airline’s website to check flight schedules, prices and availability. Then book your cheap flight directly from the airline.

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European low-cost airlines

Below you will find all the airlines covered by Go to each airline's page to view the destinations served by that airline.

  • airBaltic – This Latvian airline offer flights between many European countries through their hub in Riga. Flights to around 57 airports.
  • Blue Air – Romanian airline offering flights between Romania and western- and southern Europe. Flights to around 70 airports.
  • – Offers low-cost flights within Italy and between Italy and Albania, Greece and destinations in the Caribbean. Flights to around 48 airports.
  • Brussels Airlines – Belgian airline offering flights to many European countries from its hub in Brussels. Also flights to Africa, North America and India. Flights to around 110 airports.
  • Condor – German low cost airline with a large route network to holiday destinations in Europe and other parts of the world. Flights to around 55 airports.
  • – Flights from the Netherlands and Germany to southern European holiday destinations such as Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. Flights to around 20 airports.
  • Easyjet – One of the original European low-cost airlines with a route network spanning most of western- and southern Europe. Flights to around 149 airports.
  • Eurowings – Low fare flights between Germany and destinations in most other European countries. Eurowings use Dusseldorf, Cologne/Bonn, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Hannover and Berlin Tegel as hub airports. Flights to around 159 airports.
  • FlyBE – Based at Exeter airport this British regional airline fly routes in Britain and between regional British airports and places in Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany. Flights to around 81 airports.
  • Iberia Express – Spanish airline offering flights from its hub in Madrid to the Spanish mainland, the Canary islands, Majorca and European destinations. Flights to around 47 airports.
  • Jet2 – British airline offering flights from England, Scotland and Northern Ireland to southern and central European vacation destinations. Flights to around 47 airports.
  • Meridiana – Italian airline offering flights within Italy and to vacation destinations in Spain, Egypt, the Caribbean, the US and beyond. Flights to around 43 airports.
  • Norwegian – Europe's third largest budget airline offering flights in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark as well as international flights between many European countries. Norwegian now offer low-cost flights between Europe and the Caribbean, the US and Asia. Flights to around 144 airports.
  • Pegasus – Turkish low-cost airline using Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen as their main hub airport. Flights between Turkey and Europe as well as an extensive domestic Turkish route network. Flights to around 109 airports.
  • Ryanair – Irish low fares airline with hubs all over Europe. Ryanair offers low cost, no-frills flights to most European countries. Flights to around 208 airports.
  • SmartWings – Czech airline offering cheap flights between the Czech Republic and southern European destinations. Flights to around 67 airports.
  • Thomas Cook Airlines – British leisure airline offering flights to holiday destinations in southern Europe, the USA, Caribbean and Africa. Flights to around 67 airports.
  • Transavia – Low-cost airline with flights from hubs in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Paris, Lyon and Nantes to southern European destinations. Flights to around 112 airports.
  • TUI fly – Flights from multiple airports in Belgium to vacation destinations in southern Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and beyond. Flights to around 123 airports.
  • Volotea – Southern European low-cost airline with a focus on flights between Spain, France, Italy, Croatia and Greece. Flights to around 71 airports.
  • – This Spanish low-cost airline offer flights to Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and other popular destinations in Spain from London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin and other European cities. Flights to around 135 airports.
  • Wizz Air – Offers flights between Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine to western and northern European countries including destinations such as London, Dortmund, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Oslo and Stockholm. Flights to around 147 airports.
  • WOW air – Icelandic airline offering low-cost flights between Europe and the US via Iceland. Flights to around 34 airports.

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Why fly on European budget airlines?

Europe has many low-cost airlines offering cheap flights to almost all countries of the continent. European low cost airlines offer budget priced fares, flexibility on when and where to travel and serve many destinations not flown to by full fare airlines.

How and where to buy tickets

Most European discount airlines primarily sell ticket over the Internet and by phone. Some of the airlines, including Ryanair, does not sell their tickets through traditional travel agencies.

You book, pay and receive a confirmed ticket on the airline's website. You pay for your ticket using a credit card and receive an electronic ticket that you bring with you to the airport on the day of departure. To check-in for the flight you need to produce the booking reference number and a valid photo identification card. Some airlines, most notably Ryanair, require that you print the electronic ticket and bring it to the airport. This is because the ticket contains a bar code

Using you can easily find routes and destinations served by European discount airlines and go on to book your cheap holiday or business flight.

Flight shopping – How to find the best priced tickets!

Tickets for flights on European discount airlines are not sold at a fixed price. Most airlines increase the price as seats are sold and as the date of departure approaches. Buying a last minute ticket on a discount airline can sometimes be just as expensive as travelling on a full fare airline.

To get the best ticket prices when travelling on low cost airlines you usually have to buy your tickets well before the date you want to travel on.

Some low cost airlines have sales and promotion periods where you can get tickets for cheap flights inside Europe at a fixed price independent of the number of free seats on the flight. You may have to travel on certain days of the week and book a minimum number of days before departure. Information on such sales periods is often only published on each airline's website and can also be found in the news section of

Read more about how to book cheap flights on European no-frills airlines.

Cancelling or changing a ticket on a budget airline

Few, if any, low cost airlines will give you a refund if you need to cancel your reservation. Some offer an insurance that can be bought at the time of booking. Should you have to cancel due to illness you can use the insurance to get a refund, provided you are unable to travel for any of the reasons covered by the insurance.

Many European discount airlines allow you to change a reservation for a fee. In addition to paying the fee, you will have to pay any fare difference between the original ticket and the new ticket.

Travelling on European discount airlines

European budget airlines offer cheap tickets, but this comes at a price. Read more below.

  • Luggage usually can't be checked through from one flight to the next. If you are connecting between two flights, you will usually have to pick up your luggage and check it in again for your next flight. This even when the flights are on the same airline.
  • No free food. Few discount airlines serve free food or drink, but many sell good quality food at a reasonable price on-board.
  • Little or no support when flights are delayed. If your flight is delayed or cancelled don't expect to get any compensation from the airline. A few discount airlines offer a limited form of compensation. Should you miss a connecting flight because your low cost flight is delayed, you should not expect to receive any help or compensation from the airline.
  • Single leg flights. Flight times are not coordinated with other airlines and some airports are served only a few times each week. This means that it can be hard to join two flights without much waiting time.
  • Limited baggage allowance. On most low-cost airlines, no checked-in luggage is included in the basic fare. You'll have to pay extra for each luggage item you need to check-in. There are strictly enforced weight limits and expect to pay a high fee for each kilo your luggage weighs above the allowance.

Changes in the European airline industry

The European airline industry is adjusting to the reality of low fares airlines capturing a large and increasing share of European travellers.

Many traditional full fare airlines are adding new fare classes offering a limited number of tickets at prices approaching those offered by the true low cost airlines. The airlines do this without removing the old business and tourist class fares.

The new low priced fares come with more limits and fewer services compared with the more expensive tickets:

  • cancellation of tickets may not be possible
  • name change on a ticket may not be possible or only for a fee
  • changing date or time of your flights may not be possible
  • in-flight meals may not be included in the ticket price

The new budget airlines have caused increased competition in the European airline industry. Several of the traditional flag carriers have already had to cease operation, including Belgian Sabena and Swissair. The increased competition from low-cost airlines is also driving airline mergers like the one between Air France and Dutch KLM airlines.

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Low-cost airlines no longer in service

Here you'll find some of the European low-cost airlines that are no longer in service. Some have gone bankrupt, others were bought up.

  • Air Berlin – Was at one time the tenth largest airline in Europe in terms of number of passengers carried. The airline became insolvent and ceased operations in the fall of 2017.
  • Flynordic – Was a Swedish low cost airline offering domestic Swedish flights and flights to other European countries. The airline was bought by Norwegian and the operations of the two airlines merged.
  • Monarch – Offered scheduled and chartered flights between the UK and holiday destinations in southern Europe.
  • FlyME – This Swedish airline went bankrupt in March 2007.
  • SkyEurope – Was a Slovak low cost airline mainly offering flights between Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria to southern Europe and the UK. The airline ceased operations in late August 2009.
  • Virgin Express – This Belgium based airline offered flights between Brussels and southern European destinations. It was merged with Belgian airline Sabena and is now operating under the name Brussels Airlines.
  • Centralwings – Was a Polish budget airline that offered flights between Poland and other European countries.
  • – Italian airline which offered domestic Italian discount flights as well as flights to other southern European countries. Went out of service in the summer of 2009.
  • Sterling Airlines – This was a Danish low-cost airline which offered flights between the Scandinavian countries and the UK and southern Europe. The airline went out of service in the fall of 2008.
  • – Italian airline chiefly offering flights within Italy. Ceased flying in early 2009.

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